Issues and Tissues

I had a powerful EFT session today with Juanita Ecker, a sister practitioner who also received her training through EFT Universe. All Certified Practitioners are required to work on our own issues with other EFT professionals as part of the training process, but I find it really helpful (as part of my own ongoing Personal Peace Procedure) to continue working with pro's whenever I have the opportunity.

"But I thought EFT was a self-help technique". Oh, it absolutely is! I've cleared all sorts of things for myself (including a really bothersome and inconvenient phobia about driving over big highway overpasses)! Game Changer! But, in my experience, working with a skilled practitioner brings more energy to the party, and they will often get right to the root of something that I've been carefully hiding from myself for decades!

So today I wanted help with a seemingly benign issue...I asked Juanita to help me dispel the writer's block which has been dogging me for the past two years. I love to write, I always planned to be a "Famous Arthur" when I grow up, I had a beloved blog for a couple of years that really lit me up and made me happy every single time I posted, so what gives? What am I waiting for?

Next thing you know, I'm tapping with Juanita and crying about missing my Mom. Which I do, this is not news. The news is, I DO NOT CRY! Every one knows this! I'm one tough cookie and rarely reach for the tissues, not even during weddings or funerals. But you know what? I did cry, and it didn't kill me. Juanita had me absolutely mopped up and put back together by the end of our session, feeling totally peaceful.

This Tapping is powerful stuff! Bring your Issues, I've got the Tissues! (I'm going to talk to my sisters about having that replace "Suck It Up, Buttercup" as our family motto").

And you know what I felt like doing this afternoon? Writing a blog post, that's what!

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