Shall We Dance?

I love the collaborative nature of a good EFT session! If you've ever had a chiropractic or acupuncture treatment, you might be thinking that working with a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner will consist of him or her "doing EFT on you". Au Contraire!

Ideally, the Emotional Freedom Technique is a client-centered process that I do with you! I will likely seem to be leading the session in the beginning by explaining the tapping points and the reasoning behind tapping upon negative events and emotions. I'll have some questions about what you want to work on in that session (sore right shoulder? feeling passed over at work?), and before you know it we'll both be tapping!

A funny thing often happens when we start tapping...the sore right shoulder turns into a memory of the time your mom didn't support you when you wanted to apply to a large university, (the memory of a specific event is one of the most effective starting points for EFT). If I start us off with, "even though my mom didn't support me", you might say, "even though my mom didn't believe in me", "my mom didn't think I was smart enough". Oh Ho! Now we're getting somewhere, and it's your words, not mine, that are finding the emotional charge or self-limiting belief. A few minutes of tapping later, and you say "actually, she always wanted the best for me, but I think she was afraid I'd be too disappointed if I didn't get accepted". When I ask you to check in with your shoulder pain, you notice that it's completely gone, along with this nagging sense of "not good enough" that you'd been hauling around.

I'm constantly amazed by the epiphanies that can appear during a tapping session. I love to see clients smiling and relaxed around topics that have been bothering them for a REALLY long time! It's not always as simple and linear as the above example, of course, but it is your process and my role is to listen to your words, your body language, and to our (collective) intuition.

I learn something new from my clients and tapping buddies every single time we work together! As we share our energy and experience, good things really start to happen!

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