It's All About Me (lately)

I've had fantastic sessions recently with a couple of amazing EFT Practitioners! Not only have they helped me to clear some bothersome issues, but I've also learned techniques that I can't wait to share with my own clients!

EFT Universe requires all Practitioner Candidates to work with other EFT Practitioners for a minimum of 15 hours on our own personal issues, and also encourages us to tap daily as part of our Personal Peace Procedure.

I've been tapping (feverishly) for most of the past year. Naturally, I'm now completely perfect in mind, body, and spirit, right? Ha Ha! Let's just go ahead and admit that I have not yet run out of things that I need to work on! BUT I have had some great results which have improved my quality of life, relationships, career, and general happiness.

I have enjoyed some very effective sessions while tapping along with youtube videos and alone with my mirror, but the best results have come when I have worked with a Practitioner (one on one, or in a group tapping circle). Skype or phone seems to work just as well as face-to-face, but there is something about having another person's energy involved, (at least for me) that seems to quickly bring out and release the core issues. The best practitioners are very intuitive, and lead me quickly to the root of my problem.

I had chronic neck/shoulder pain that completely disappeared during my EFT Level II training seminar. The group didn't even tap on my pain, (a classmate was being helped with back pain), but I "borrowed benefits" as we say in EFT, and my pain has never returned!

EFT is absolutely a self-help technique, and you can certainly learn the basic technique and get results by watching videos and/or tapping alone. (Disclaimer: you should never attempt to work alone on deep trauma without qualified professional guidance). However, in my experience , a few sessions with a Pro can really make a difference. We have many hours of specialized training and continuing education to combine with the hundreds (and eventually 1000's) of sessions that we participate in. I will be happy to work with you, or to refer one of the excellent coaches who have been so helpful to me!

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