Tune in and Tap On!

I tap on my own personal issues almost every day. Sometimes it's one quick round in the shower, when I'm making my mental "to do" list and and find some resistance. Other times, I'm driving to work and I tap along to a song on the radio that is evoking a troubling memory, or even just a little nostalgia. I've rented an 18 DVD set of Gary Craig seminars and tapped along with Gary and his clients for hours each week.

Recently, my mentor Valerie Lis, was involved in the EFT Tapping Hub Summer Event, and I spent a couple of days tapping along with Valerie, Gary Craig, and the other presenters. It was my first introduction to Brad Yates, and I'm really enjoying his style! I have since watched quite a few of his YouTube videos, and he covers a wide variety of topics (including EFT for Winning the Lottery)! I found the following video helpful for divorce recovery, even though his original intention may have been more along the lines of responding peacefully to recent world events. I believe that you could certainly adapt it to any areas of grief and loss:

What works best for me when using any video or tapping script is to substitute words specific to my own situation for the generic words in the script. When Brad says "this emotional pain", I might say, "this broken family pain" or this "ruined Christmas feeling" or something that really digs into the particular aspect of Divorce or Emotional Pain that I'm feeling in that moment. I get a more obvious release and clearance of memories and emotions when I drill into the specifics of how I'm feeling.

The great thing about EFT (tapping) is that it is very really can't do it wrong. But you can do it BETTER, and get more consistent results by tuning in to your feelings (or physical pain, if applicable) and using the words that come to you.

EFT is a great self-help tool, and it's fantastic that so many practitioners offer free or inexpensive on-line videos, but I recommend working with a practitioner to help get you started and/or to move forward on some of your bigger issues. Personally, I have experienced the most dramatic results when working with a skilled practitioner in person or via internet (skype or zoom). I also feel that tapping circles (tapping as part of a workshop or other group) seems to magnify my results, even when we are focused on another group member's issue.

A wise man once said, "Try it on everything"! I'll add to that, "try it every which way", and see what works best for you!

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