A Blast from the EFT Past

For the past several weeks I've spent every spare moment watching videos of Gary Craig (founder of EFT). Consider the fact that I haven't really watched television since 2011, and you'll get how completely out of character it is for me to be binge watching anything...much less instructional videotapes-converted-to-DVD, for hours on end.

Of course there are zillions of YouTube videos available for free (featuring Gary and other practitioners), but I wanted to continue learning from an "official" source, and I at first looked to buy a set of the DVD's. I couldn't find any, not on, not even used on eBay, but I did find an online rental service ( to the rescue! For $150 ($100 refunded when I return the set), I get 30 days to watch 18 DVD's.

The videos were shot in the late 90's, and are very low production value. Many of them capture Gary Craig giving seminars on EFT and a motivational series he did called the "Palace of Possibilities". He is very funny and engaging, extremely charismatic. He's definitely a salesman, but one who believes in his product!

I'll admit to having a little crush on the 59-year-old Gary from 1998! I suspect that I'll be seeing a lot more of him (on video, at least) as I continue my exploration of EFT!

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