In 2015 I found the Emotional Freedom Technique (or perhaps EFT found me).  I had been on a self-healing journey for a couple of years following a painful mid-life "re-booting". I found myself drawn in several different directions which had something very important in common...all roads seemed to lead to learning how to harness my body's energy!


I was working to optimize my physical health, to "solve" my emotional eating problem, and to generally do a better job of feeding myself, physically and spiritually.


I stumbled across a mention of EFT on Dr. Mercola's website , specifically about its success in eliminating unhealthful food cravings.  I tapped on my "addiction to sugar" (my words) and sailed through the holidays feeling completely immune to cookies, cakes, pies, etc.  I even gave up the lump of sugar in my morning coffee...totally painlessly.  My friends couldn't believe how "good" I was being, although I kept trying to explain that I wasn't using any will power at all!


From there I was hooked on the potential of EFT to improve my life!  I felt an immediate calling to share the "magic eraser' with others, as I continue to use it daily on my own issues.   I am now Certified as an EFT-Int Practitioner through EFT Universe  after completing more than 125 hours combined of classroom instruction, practice sessions, and practitioner led self-work.


The ENERGY rabbit hole took me into totally new world of healing, and I've discovered the joy of pain siphoning, energy balancing, and (my favorite) Radiant Circuits through the work of Donna Eden.  I've trained in other meridian tapping techniques such as TAT, TFT, and CEP, and I'm currently studying acupressure (human, canine, equine and feline).  I have become an Energy Nerd.


I consider it an honor to work with people who are open to non-invasive, effective solutions to removing pain, stress, emotional blocks and obstacles to health and happiness in their lives!

Let's reclaim your JOY!



...and Here's Who I'm NOT

I am not a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist nor a Licensed Professional Counselor.  I am not qualified to treat severe mental illness, nor to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

What I can do is teach you the very effective self-help modality  variously known as EFT/Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT can be a valuable healing tool, even with serious issues, with the understanding that you must use it in conjunction with the advice and treatment proveded by your own Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist,  or Counselor.

As always, you (the client) must take responsibility for your own physical health and emotional well-being.

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