April 5, 2018

I had a powerful EFT session today with Juanita Ecker, a sister practitioner who also received her training through EFT Universe.  All Certified Practitioners are required to work on our own issues with other EFT professionals as part of the training process, but I find it really helpful (as part of my own ongoing Personal Peace Procedure) to continue working with pro's whenever I have the opportunity.

"But I thought EFT was a self-help technique".  Oh, it absolutely is!  I've cleared all sorts of things for myself (including a really bothersome and inconvenient phobia about driving over big highway overpasses)!  Game Changer!  But, in my experience, working with a skilled practitioner brings more energy to the party, and they will often get right to the root of something that I've been carefully hiding from myself for decades!

So today I wanted help with a seemingly benign issue...I asked Juanita to help me dispel the writer's block which has been dogging me for the...

February 16, 2017

I love the collaborative nature of a good EFT session!  If you've ever had a chiropractic or acupuncture treatment, you might be thinking that working with a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner will consist of him or her "doing EFT on you".  Au Contraire!

Ideally, the Emotional Freedom Technique is a client-centered process that I do with you!  I will likely seem to be leading the session in the beginning by explaining the tapping points and the reasoning behind tapping upon negative events and emotions.  I'll have some questions about what you want to work on in that session (sore right shoulder?  feeling passed over at work?), and before you know it we'll both be tapping!

A funny thing often happens when we start tapping...the sore right shoulder turns into a memory of the time your mom didn't support you when you wanted to apply to a large university, (the memory of a specific event is one of the most effective starting points for EFT). If I sta...

September 8, 2016

I've had fantastic sessions recently with a couple of amazing EFT Practitioners!  Not only have they helped me to clear some bothersome issues, but I've also learned techniques that I can't wait to share with my own clients!  

EFT Universe requires all Practitioner Candidates to work with other EFT Practitioners for a minimum of 15 hours on our own personal issues, and also encourages us to tap daily as part of our   Personal Peace Procedure.

 I've been tapping (feverishly) for most of the past year.  Naturally, I'm now completely perfect in mind, body, and spirit, right?  Ha Ha!  Let's just go ahead and admit that I have not yet run out of things that I need to work on!  BUT I have had some great results which have improved my quality of life, relationships, career, and general happiness.

I have enjoyed some very effective sessions while tapping along with youtube videos and alone with my mirror, but the best results h...

July 19, 2016

I tap on my own personal issues almost every day.  Sometimes it's one quick round in the shower, when I'm making my mental "to do" list and and find some resistance.  Other times, I'm driving to work and I tap along to a song on the radio that is evoking a troubling memory, or even just a little nostalgia.  I've rented an 18 DVD set of Gary Craig seminars and tapped along with Gary and his clients for hours each week.

Recently, my mentor Valerie Lis, was involved in the EFT Tapping Hub Summer Event, and I spent a couple of days tapping along with Valerie, Gary Craig, and the other presenters.  It was my first introduction to Brad Yates, and I'm really enjoying his style!  I have since watched quite a few of his YouTube videos, and he covers a wide variety of topics (including EFT for Winning the Lottery)!   I found the following video helpful for divorce recovery, even though his original intention may have been more along the lines of  responding peacefully to recent wor...

June 28, 2016

For the past several weeks I've spent every spare moment watching videos of Gary Craig (founder of EFT).  Consider the fact that I haven't really watched television since 2011, and you'll get how completely out of character it is for me to be binge watching anything...much less instructional videotapes-converted-to-DVD, for hours on end.

Of course there are zillions of YouTube videos available for free (featuring Gary and other practitioners), but I wanted to continue learning from an "official" source, and I at first looked to buy a set of the DVD's.  I couldn't find any, not on, not even used on eBay, but I did find an online rental service ( to the rescue!  For $150 ($100 refunded when I return the set), I get 30 days to watch 18 DVD's.

The videos were shot in the late 90's, and are very low production value.  Many of them capture Gary Craig giving seminars on EFT and a motivational series he did called the "Palace of Possibilities".  He is ver...

June 21, 2016

I grew up on the Gulf Coast of  Texas (Corpus Christi), and as a little girl I was captivated by the story of the Whooping Crane.  The endangered (and very nearly extinct) cranes were down to only 15 birds in the wild by 1941.  There was a heroic effort to save the majestic creatures which was focused on preserving their winter habitat at the Aransas Wildlife Refuge on the Texas coast, and helping to ensure their safe migration from Canada to Texas each year.

Today there are a few hundred Whoopers, so while they are hardly in the clear, they are an amazing conservation success story.  As a girl, I was so proud of  my hometown's  role in saving the giant cranes, you would think that I single-handedly hatched them from their eggs!

Cranes have been back on my radar for the past few years.  One of my favorite pieces of  art was crafted by a traditional Chinese artist, made of  paper with hundreds and hundreds of  tiny cuts.  This phone pic doesn't begin to do it...

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