What Can EFT Do for Me?

Remove Obstacles

EFT is a great tool for getting un-stuck and meeting your personal goals!

Career, Relationship, Health and Fitness can all be enhanced by releasing self-limiting beliefs and even phobias with EFT..

Food cravings, smoking, fear of public speaking, and money blocks could be holding you back, personally and professionally!

You may be surprised at the changes you see in yourself after some simple Tapping!

Release Chronic Pain

For more than 25 years, EFT has had an established track record for reducing (and often completely releasing) chronic body pain...even if you have been suffering for decades.

Think of it as accupuncture without the needles!  In fact, without being touched by the EFT Practitioner at all!  Phone and Web sessions can be just as effective as face-to-face.

EFT can be a key to help manage your pain without drugs, and to help you to get a great night's sleep!

Ease Emotional Trauma

Reduce Stress

Guilt, Shame and Grief are just a few of the emotions which can continue to negatively affect us, even years after a  traumatic event.

EFT lets you keep your memories while neutralizing the emotional pain.

One of the best known studies of EFT involved treating PTSD in our military veterans.

Additionally there are over 100 peer-reviewed papers and dozens of randomized trials which have studied (and validated) the effects of the Emotional Freedom Technique, and other Meridian Tapping methods.

EFT is perhaps the best-known technique in the emerging field of Energy Psychology, and a proven stress reliever.  It is well understood that chronic stress is dangerous to our health and happiness.

EFT doesn't change your job, your teenagers or your mother-in-law (unless they are tapping along with you).  What it can alleviate is your toxic response to life's daily stressors.

It's called Emotional Freedom Techniques with good reason!

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